What is CPA Marketing

Definition of the advertising network Terms

An online advertising network or ad network is a company that connects advertisers to websites that want to host ads. The main function of an ad network is the collection of ads from publishers and matching it with the advertiser's needs.

Must know about CPA network calling keywords:

Affiliate marketing terms can be very confusing, and definitions can be difficult to define. There are a variety of terms that you probably never heard of or even considered. Unfortunately, not understanding or misinterpreting the proper definition of a word can mean many problems. You can spend some time trying to come across each word and research, but the problem is that the definition you get does not apply to affiliate marketing! Fortunately, we've made a list of important affiliate marketing terms that everyone should know. This list will help you if you are a beginner or trying to learn about affiliate marketing or advanced marketers who want to make sure they have the right definition for a specific time.

1. CPA
Cost per Action.

2. CPC
Per Click, Click Per Click, which is known as PPC

3. CPS
Cost per sale.

4. CPL
Cost per lead

5. Vertical
It refers to the category of offers. Health, fashion, and gaming are "vertical" for all names but to name a few.

6. CPI
Cost per install (used on mobile when talking about installing applications). CPE = Cost per Event - This is specific to the application. So some advertisers just don't pay to install you. You need to trigger an event such as scoring 3 levels or 400 points in a game. It lets them know it's not fast installed/ uninstall and gives them more value. Because they get more, they pay more for KPI / CPE than CPI.

CPAs can, of course, be used as general terms for CPS and CPL as they are in action.

7. (Advertising) Promotion
This term is interchangeable with advertising. Sometimes people mention the type of campaign. So we can call it a "survey". The survey is a type of promotion, like any kind of promotion.

8. Conversion
This is when someone successfully interacts with a promotion. The key to forming a successful interaction depends on the promotion. Successful interaction with a CPS promotion will be something to buy. The successful interaction with a mobile application is to install the app and use it (or if it's a CPE / KPI type app as described above, you need to hit a certain level). The advertisers we work with will determine what constitutes a successful interaction if not self-evident through a suggested type. See proposal types above for more.

9. Conversion Rate (CR)
Frequency, expressed as a percentage, leads to a click. Stated differently, the percentage of clicks you make on an ad, compared to the% of clicks, is the percentage of time you earn in any campaign.

10. Click through Ratio (CTR)
Usually used with display ads. Tell the frequency of how often you are clicked and how often the ad is displayed, so if someone clicks once to display every 100 banner ads. This is a CTR of 1%

11. Per Click Earnings (EPC)
That is how much someone generates on average with each click. So if you have 100 clicks and 10 leads (10% conversion) at each 1.00. You made $ 10 in 100 clicks. Your revenue per click is 100 x $ 0.10 = $ 10 since 0.10 is the norm for affiliates.

12. Affiliated Companies aka Publishers
These are the people or groups that drive traffic to our campaigns.

13. Retention rate
These are big on mobile. It describes how many people keep the app installed and the way it is quality. The final low quality suggests low quality - which depends very low, but they all know their own internal numbers.

14. Scrub
It is an ugly word but a real word. It describes how much leadership the network or advertiser lags behind and does not report. Keeping it for yourself. Sometimes it is needed so as to ensure a good ROI. So if you know you are going to get some bad lead and want to balance things out, you can put a little bit behind. This is a bit precise in the case of co-reg paths or incents though they are based on their leadership based on how well they are made. Scrubbing elsewhere is usually a very bad thing because it describes the need to unnecessarily remove it from collaborators.

15. Co-Reg
One way you can go and see multiple offers. Some sales offers, some deals, some coupons, some iframed pages where you can complete the lead or submit your information for auto insurance. It's like a pretty long survey where they try to hit you with multiple monetization attempts.

16. iframe
Where you frame a web page on your own page. So the border and the next or the back button may belong to the CPAD, but the center of the page is completely another site.

17. Lead General
Older generation. It is used for a business like legal, auto insurance, home security, solar, mortgage, etc. Anywhere anyone is willing to pay for leadership. Practical use of lead