How to use your BHW membership to make a full time online income

I wrote this in the hope that it may help new members of the forum or anyone who wants some straight answers about what they need to do to make money online. Well, here it is. I hope it's of help to some members.

First of all, let me answer a question that you may ask as you're reading through this, which would be along the lines of, "Why are you posting this in a forum that you don't own instead of publishing it on your own blog"?

This information can reach more people being published on BHW than it could on a stand-alone blog
The people on BHW are looking for this kind of information and help
Life is about to give and take. Like I have done a number of times at BHW, I like to put something back into the community. I was lucky in that I was able to learn a huge amount of information from this forum from which I then went on to make a full time living online.

So how do you take all of the information that's freely available at BHW and use it to make your living?

Well, first you need to spend something and that thing is "time". It doesn't matter how much or how little you have of it but you're going to need to spend it. As you're spending your time at BHW you're actually making an investment and it's an investment that will never be lost value because you're investing in yourself.

What you learn here is going to either create a basic foundation that you can build on or it's going to make something just click in your head and an idea will side-swipe you from nowhere. That idea could just be the ticket that takes you on a fast track trip to earning money online.

So where do you start?

Well, the first place to begin would be the USE THAT SECTION. Don't be shy and just say whatever feels comfortable to you. Other members will say "hi" and when they do you need to reply. You're looking to make friends here and not just with experienced members but total newbies too.

I was a full time online in 2005 and was reading posts in this forum at that point but I didn't actually become a member until 2008. I didn't spend every day at BHW but I did browse it often. I was a lurker and I was learning.

Side note: Just because a member is considered a newbie at BHW it doesn't mean they're a newbie online. I've been full time online since 2005 but if I go over to a different forum and join up I'll be considered a newbie. Bear that in mind.

The next thing you can do is spend some time reading through the different sections of the forum. Go to the and read some of the conversations that are going on. It doesn't matter what the topic is, read what people are saying and the replies etc. This is a great way to learn BHW etiquette. Get a feel of the place and what's accepted and what's not.

Trust me, if you behave like an idiot here you'll be kicked out pretty quickly.

If you can add something relevant to any conversation in the forum then go ahead and do it. Jump in, get your feet wet and be part of the conversation. If you can help a member with an issue they're having then help them. They'll thank you for it and you'll probably be helping other members who are also having the same issue but didn't post about it.

You'll notice the "thanks" button is pressed on your post and it's a good feeling now that you've helped others for, seemingly, nothing in return. But what you're actually getting is a reputation for helping others and reputation at BHW means everything because it equates to trust.

So you probably want to get down to the nitty-gritty of putting stuff together and making some money from it. This is where it comes down to you as a person, you're either gonna be able to do this or you're not and it's as simple as that.

What I mean by this is that if you're going to make a full-time income online then you're really going to have to put some thought into things. You probably won't ever be able to take a ready-made, step by step, the system created by someone else and make a full-time income from it right out of the box.

The methods that people offer do work as stated but the secret to making money from them is by using them with other methods and/or putting your very own spin on things. This is why I said you'll need to put some thinking into this if you want to make a decent income online.
As an example, I took auto blogging, twisted it with Twitter and linked it with the eBay affiliate program. It was pretty easy to do and was just a matter of connecting things that already existed to make a new method. I made some really easy money each month with that system.

At the time there were lots of people claiming that Autoblogging was dead and that Twitter traffic didn't convert. Well, I proved them all wrong. And then I took that method and gave it away for free on BHW.

I wanted to do that as a way of giving back to the forum but at the time I had no idea how popular the thread would be and it certainly boosted my reputation at BHW.

I don't know your current status at the forum or your marketing experience, your drive, goals or current issues that you feel are holding you back so it's difficult to say exactly what you should do next that would be right for you.

What I would suggest is taking a couple of money-making methods that are already proven to work and study them. Work out why they work and where they're weakness is. What could be done/changed/added to improve it?

Often times you can take an existing method, change it slightly and then add to it by using services offered by others in the The market place on here offers you just about every service you need for making money. It's just a case of balancing how much you spend and how much you make.

The chances are that you'll need to spend before you earn but that's just the way it is but it's worth it in the long run.

You can look at the BHW Market Place as a grocery store selling all the ingredients that you need to make a cake but you need to decide what cake you're going to make and the right set of ingredients to make it.

I recently made a new discovery about using eBay and the more I use it I'm finding new ways of making it work better simply by making use of some services that are being provided in the Market Place section. It just takes a little thought.
The tools, systems, and methods that you need to make a full-time income online are right there waiting for you right now but the only way of making it all work is by putting it all together with a little bit of thought. Lose any desperation that you may have as it will hold you back, slow you down and cause you to make mistakes.

Whatever you do, don't give up trying. Mistakes are not mistakes, they're just another part of learning.

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