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Before Getting Into The Method 
[METHOD] Make 500$ DAILY
[METHOD] Make 500$ DAILY

Please do not claim this is @Goddissee ‘s method. I and he worked for a while and established a good relationship. I have recently noticed he has posted a method in this sub-forum. He also claims that he invented this method. Did he? No. I shared this method with him and we both swore we will not make this public as the potential in it is absolutely ridiculous. I see he broke this promise. I can prove the link between me and him, and how he didn’t actually come up with the method with screenshots between our conversations.
I was doing adult and he was doing 100$ cash giveaways, this is the only part he came up with.
He did not know about the existence of the WINK app before I told him about it.
He did not, however, reveal the whole method, keeping some secrets and not mentioning that ADULT is the big money maker with this and not cash giveaways.

As he broke that promise and has published the method, well, here it is, the method, ON STEROIDS.

I won’t go over every single step as he has already done so, and I’m writing from the mobile which is not the most comfortable thing to do.
I will, however, reveal the secrets he hasn’t:

1) Go, ADULT. That’s where the big money is.
2) gods for content locker
do as I do right now, I work with a network that’s giving 50$ for each free trial join.
3) High pay DOI (I.e 3$ per free sign up) works better than on ads.


Wink, Wink, Wink. Such a good app. It gets me upwards of 1000 + ads DAILY.

Some tips for getting stupid adds that haven’t been mentioned by him :

1) BIO - A “Add my Snapchat: username for a free special treat” finished with horny emojis works better than you think.
every time you move from the UK to the US, your profile GETS SHOWN first to people from the US as you would’ve made a new profile.
And that’s right when moving back to UK 20 mins later, IT GETS SHOWN FIRST AGAIN.

I hope this has helped you, this is what makes BIG MONEY.
Sorry for the very short description, as I said I’m on mobile.
I’ll be extremely happy to reply to all your future questions about the method that somehow “rocked” BHW.

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