Simple Google search that could make you $50 per day

[2020 METHOD] 

I thought I'd share another strategy that really helped me after I broke down and stuck in cash. I used to write for clients in certain niches but this was very limited because it was based on contract work with hints of freelancing online.

make money online

I needed more consistent work and the only way I could achieve it was to pursue it myself.

After deciding to take action with content writing, I simply typed the following sentences into Google:

"Write to us"
"Pay to write for us"

The number of magazine sites, mom and pop blogs, and content service provider sites that provide the sites were shocking.

Of course, nowadays most of these SERPS results will be aging so they are not looking for any more authors. The best way to filter the results is through the Google SERPS settings where you compressed the SERPs last month.

Doing so will display the most recent listings for sites/blogs looking for content authors. Some pay, some do not. You have to do the research and look for gold nuggets, but it's easy 50 every day for those of you who want to be down and dirty.

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