Top CPA Marketing Network in 2020

Top CPA Marketing Network in 2020

Top CPA Network
Top CPA Network

See which CPA Networks perform best in affiliate marketing by 2020, based on reviews and testimonials provided by affiliate marketers.

The Best CPA Network List

Below is an approved list of 114 CPA networks that are subject to review and testimonials by affiliate marketers. CPA networks are ranked by their customer support, offer selection and payment for their offers. CPA networks at the top of the list are more preferred by affiliates than CPA networks at the bottom of the list.

Affshark   (5.0)
Afshark's ambitious team of professionals and youth, we opened 20 locations over the course of the past year and have received more than 500+ partners to promote our offerings on a CPA basis, both as a company and as a private partner.

CPAPRIME   (5.0)
Welcome to CPAPRIME. Private Cost Back Action Platform. We are committed to providing the widest range of best converters and the highest paying CPA offers.

CPAHub  5.0
CPAHub was founded in December 2017 and developed as a leader in the CPA marketing industry. We provide Content Locker, CPA Offer, Link Locker, Offerwall and free custom landing page creation/hosting. With a strong focus on customer support and fast payments, CPAHub has become the number one network for you.

NAMoffers    5.0
We have served the industry for over 8-years in more than 30 countries, always gain more than expected when entering our affiliate network.

CPA Lovers   5.0
Money Does't Come Without Work. Start Earning Money With CPA Lovers

VIPOffers   5.0
VIPOffers – Exclusive Adult Affiliate Network

TORO Advertising is an Affiliate Network with more than six years of experience behind it. Completely focused on the marketing industry, we can provide a wide range of top converting campaigns to media buyers, performance networks and webmasters among others.

CPABeko   5.0
Premium Content Locker Network

Aivix  5.0
Direct Advertiser for Nutra and Finance offers, Affiliate Network

Be2Be srl   5.0
With Be2be, you'll achieve amazing results as a Publisher, an Affiliate or an Advertiser

SwiftAds  5.0
SwiftAds is an all-around content-locking network featuring high paying offers, advanced tools and quick payouts

Ads Hero  5.0
CPI CPE CPA CPL CPS Performance and Content locking Network

Push ads is an advertising network which is focused on raising your company's ROI

AFFMY 5.0 - All-in solution for traffic monetization

CpaBack  5.0
Private Cpa Network

Reliable Weekly Payouts to numerous payment avenues (direct deposit, PayPal)

FxMonetize - Your traffic moneymaker for crypto/trade offers.

Vipadsnetwork is a self-advertising network. we work on CPA, CPL, CPS, CPI bases with higher payouts.

Advendor  5.0
Leading crypto&blockchain, gaming, and the gambling CPA network

Jarvis ads - A new style ad network for small publishers

CPALance  5.0
Be The Part Of Our Glorious Network And Lead On your Profit. A different kind of network honestly promised to see you succeed. We are ready to help you to achieve your dream. CPALance is a prominent leading trusted cost per action basis network.

CPALead  4.7
CPAlead provides banner ads, pop-under ads, interstitial tools, content lockers, PPC offers, CPA offers and more to affiliate marketers. CPAlead is known for paying guaranteed EPCs of 20 cents or greater in the USA.

iMonetizeIt is a global CPA network with a proprietary Smartlink solution and 7+ years of industry experience.

Fireads  4.7
FireAds is an affiliate network with the best campaigns for publishers and creative solutions for advertisers. FireAds as a leading company in the affiliate market is able to offer the best selection of campaigns.

CPARK  4.7
Affiliate network with extensive experience in Dating, gambling, mobile subscriptions and financial verticals

Los Pollos  4.7
LosPollos - Global Smart Link Affiliate Program | Weekly Payments | 24/7 Support

Adtrafico  4.6
Adtrafico: One-stop affiliate network feat. Dating, Sweeps, Mobile Billing, SOI/DOI, Bizopp, Nutra & CPI offers to make you a mint

CPAGrip  4.6
We allow you to earn more cash from your website or promotion methods, apps, content, email marketing, or search campaigns.

BD Cash  4.6
Number One Affiliate Network

24scan  4.6
24scan was created as a performance-based network founded on the ideals of dedicated and individualized service.

lemonads 4.6
Lemonads is the future standard of CPA Network. Focused on performance and thanks to an in-house technology, lemonads strengthen the connection between Publishers and Advertisers to improve their traffic and increase their revenue.

Adult Revenues is the leading provider of Cam and Dating offers

Vortex Advertising CPA-network: exclusive offers, personal support.

High-performance CPA network with 1000+ optimized offers

icodealer   4.5
We specialize in a cryptio offers and traffic for it.

Golden Goose - Monetize your mobile traffic under the wing of a powerful company!

Introducing CPA Smile. Why on the weekend? You can join us when you receive a daily payment. We are building the number one CPA network

 Royalrevenue  4.5
Royalrevenue is the top choice of Email submit promoters

Affcredit 4.4
Affcredit is the performance-based World Wide CPA network. It is an affiliate network based in the Netherlands, spanning over 15 offices across the globe also we are providing support in every language. Our mission is to inject integrity and profit-driven strategy into your campaign.
Adcrax  4.4
Become a publisher and experience a whole new level of monetization of your website traffic.We work with publishers from all over the world and we offer the highest eCPM rates available. Discover the full earning potential of your website!

Cpamatica  4.4
Cpamatica is a global partner network that focuses all its efforts on the success of our clients.

Admitad  4.4
Admitad, is an international affiliate network, currently working in 7 countries; Russia, Germany, Belarus, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine & India. It has the best tools for advertisers and publishers, with 7-10 days of the payment cycle, in-house tracking technology.

Cpa Best Offer - Worldwide Best CPA Network For Affiliate Marketing Programs.
Register on and get paid weekly earn $1000+ daily

Gotzha   4.2
Reach your goals and live the lifestyle you want by becoming our partner. Verticals we rock mobile content, credit card submits, lead generation, casinos, and apps.

Mgcash Media provides monetization solutions for content owners, publishers and advertisers worldwide, empowering digital businesses to make more revenue from content, web & mobile traffic, display ads, and search.

LeadsMoon  4.2
Leadsmoon is the best performance marketing CPA network delivering quality leads to advertisers & We are paying Weekly Net-15 Payouts To our publishers.

WhiteMobi  3.9
WhiteMobi is a performance affiliate network focused on connecting top affiliates with the advertisers who pay the maximum for their traffic.

Targeleon  4.1
Pick any offer to promote or choose Smart Link option to access the auto-optimizing rotator with top paying and trending offers.

Affrevenue  4.2
A Premium Affiliate Network We Gives More Reliability And Transparency To Our Advertisers And Publishers We deliver quality traffic to our advertisers and pay on time to our publishers.



C3PA  4.2
C3PA is a high-tech network of affiliate pay-per-action programs.

Galaksion  4.2
Galaksion is a powerful and constantly evolving engine for digital advertising across the globe that efficiently works for advertisers, publishers, and affiliates.

DynamiAds  4.2
We have Exclusive Offers owned and operated by us and a lot of direct offers in many different verticals!

Pulsar Ads  4.2
Pulsar Ads give you more wages. No hard-working. We will make everything instead of you.

Adscend Media’s monetization solutions reward your users by boosting engagement, increasing retention, and helping you generate up to 10x higher eCPMs.
We integrate the latest technologies and innovative solutions to simplify your advertising chores and thereby dramatically improve the performance of your campaigns achieving desired results.

Adludum  4.1
We're on a mission; bridging the gap between the passion for what you love doing and making a living out of it. What are your interests? What keeps you going?

MyLead  4.1
We offer almost 400 affiliate programs, 5 monetization models, up to 15 categories, in which you will find various services (including the most popular programs - e-mail submit, credit card submit, VOD, download, and dating).

Targeleon  4.2
Pick any offer to promote or choose Smart Link option to access the auto-optimizing rotator with top paying and trending offers.

Our company works around the clock to bring our clients the highest ROI on their campaigns.

TerraLeads  4.1
The world's first CPA hub.

Trafxa  4.1
Super Affiliates Quickly and easily go to Trafaxa to find the world's top converting finance and Trafxa offers. And who can blame them? Our Marketplace is one of the most profitable and popular finance products on the planet.

Adverten 4.0
Adverten - a SmartLink that perfectly converts adult dating traffic!

AdCombo 4.0
AdCombo is a large international CPA-network with a wide range of exclusive Cash-on-Delivery offers. A great number of GEOs, in-house translation service, timely biweekly payouts and multilingual support make any collaboration with AdCombo profitable and effective.

Wewe Media  4.0
We are a leading performance marketing network that has built a great reputation in the industry by providing 5000+ premium quality CPAs and smart links that focus only on the highest converting mobile-content offering. First of all, we are one of the leading players in the industry in providing traffic monetization for networks and traffic sources.

AdMarz 4.0
top all offer for dating, binary, survey, etc email submit all user paid weekly

We at Loyal believe in offering you the best for your money, that's why you only pay on performance! So if no conversions are delivered, you don’t pay a penny. Simply choose how much you want to pay affiliates per conversion (per sale, lead, etc).

At Cpa Beyond our number one quality is commitment. Whether you are a Publisher or Advertiser we are here to deliver you the highest quality results that you deserve.

Super affiliate program for webmasters with SEO, PPC, and social media traffic. We offer high-converting & top-paying dating, health and sweepstakes offers.

International Affiliate Network with 10+ years of experience

Admaza Digital Ad Network Reach Billions Customers Everyday Reach Audience with easy targeting. Monetize Inventory with the best tools.

CPATrend was founded in January 2010 and has developed into a leader of the internet marketing industry. With a strong focus on customer support, prompt payments, and a carefully selected network of affiliates and advertisers, CPATrend has been voted a Top 20 CPA Network. is a top affiliate program for working with Nutra vertical all over the world

Matomy provides a single gateway to all media channels, delivering maximum results to our advertiser and media partners. We lead you from complexity to opportunity. We bring you results at scale.

The Best and Most Trusted CPA Network | Weekly Payment

High-performance CPA network with 24/7 support

With a unique custom, self serve advertising system you leverage our technology to make the most of your internet property.

OGads provides the top mobile content locker in the industry. Exclusive high paying apps and weekly burst campaigns are the norms for our mobile content locker.

For over ten years the world's top brands and agencies have partnered with GlobalWide Media to achieve superior results through direct response and branding campaigns.

John Martin & Norman, administrators at MatiOffers. It has been launched for growing your revenue. Here will change your business & can make a lot of money with performance marketing.

Grow your revenue with thousands of other publishers

The GetAds platform programmatically matches targeted campaigns with highest quality of relevant traffic that is focused on conversion.

At BizProfits we make it our highest priority to help our publishers promote and earn as much as possible while continually providing our advertisers with the highest quality traffic.

Mobidea is an award-winning mobile affiliate network specialized in mobile offers for affiliate marketers. Driven by technology and education, Mobidea knows affiliates and what drives them to succeed. We're proud to have 100.000+ affiliates who monetize on our platform every single day!

Digital Advertising Platform

Your #1 cpa network for nutra offers.

When it comes to our affiliates, we don't PUNX around!

Expertmobi is the international affiliate network focused on the mobile subscriptions, Android and IOS install. For more than 10 years our team has been successfully running various campaigns in online marketing. Our team has extensive working experience in mobile advertising. There are top mobile offers with high rates and various GO in our system.

We cover the globe with efficient and varied web and mobile channels. We challenge the industry to perform better for publishers and advertisers.

We're a small, but passionate team that focuses on helping developers and content creators earn money from their work.

AdSher Top of the dating affiliates network

Highest Payouts! Exclusive Offers! Massive $7 EPCs! CPA Bulls is set to maximize your ROI and bring the highest conversion. We work only with proven brands that guarantee top-notch conversion.

ICOanimals - the first ICO referral marketing network

CashForCPA believes to profitable business for both Advertisers and Publishers. We choose most converted offers from direct advertiser and play with those affiliates who has the targeted traffic on that offers.

PPL OFFER For Dating Affiliate Program

MONETIZE YOUR TRAFFIC - inhouse offers and CPA $200

World Wide Dating, Mainstream exclusives smartlinks highest conversion EPC. Get the most lucrative with us. Start Now! Promote SmartLink link inexperienced way!

PaySale is a good affiliate network for potential affiliates. Its high offer commissions make this affiliate network a good one to join. Multiple payout options give users the flexibility to withdraw their earnings via the option of their choice.


CPA CAP Fully Dating Network

Adexico is looking for high quality traffic.

We specialize in dating for GEO's the Netherlands and Belgium

revJOLT is a Lead Exchange & Affiliate Network dealing in various Verticals

Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical CPA Offers

cpamakemoney Here you get high convert Adult Dating, Health & Beauty, Diet & Weightloss, Pin Submits, Survey, Sweepstakes PPS or PPL offer. We pay weekly, no delay, minimum of $100. Our offer converts so well. If u have quality traffic then come to our network.

MOBWOLF is a leading global third-party mobile value discovery platform that provides user acquisition, monetization and mobile analytics solutions to app developers globally. - native advertising platform provides all types of online advertising.

Monetization Platform of Worldwide Traffic! Get maximum profit from sites via new generation push advertising.

Success Included. Let`s rock out together!

Olavivo is a boutique affiliate network, with a focus on the Cryptocurrency, Health & Beauty, Cannabis and Casino verticals.

TopOffers & ProfitSocial: 50 countries based on PPL. Exclusive in-house dating affiliate program, direct offers in Dating, Cams, Games, Sweepstakes, Crypto, Forex and VAS verticals.

Selling ads with push notifications Promotions, bonuses, promotional codes. Cast on: Gambling, nutra, sweepstakes, news, financial (MFA, loans, forex), dating, cryptocurrency, games, applications

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